Be online wherever and whenever, without having to depend on Wi-Fi or your phone’s data and power.

Mobile Broadband gives you all kinds of choice when you need to switch online – a data dongle that pops right into your USB port or a Data-only SIM that you can slide in for instant internet access. Alternatively, you can use a Mobile Wi-Fi router if you need to connect to multiple devices whilst you’re out and about.

Data dongles

Plugging straight into your USB port, with the size and weight of a memory stick, the data dongle is the perfect solution for laptops and desktops when you need to get online. It’s highly portable and automatically charges itself using the device it’s plugged into and can even add storage just by popping in an SD card.

Just plug it in and away you go.

Mobile Wi-Fi

On the move and need flexibility? Use our Mobile Wi-Fi routers and create your own moveable hotspot. These palm-sized devices act as a secure Wi-Fi hotspot for up to 10 devices simultaneously whether on the move, at home or away – all you need is a mobile signal. Available on Pay as you go or Pay Monthly with a 30-day or 12-month contracts, our Mobile Wi-Fi routers are able to accommodate your fast-paced routine.

Wi-Fi in your car

Our 4G network gives you the ability to create a Wi-Fi hotspot in your car. All you need is a signal and you and your passengers can connect your mobiles as well as devices such as satnavs, tablets and laptops.

Data-only SIM

Use 4G data on the go with your dongle, tablet or Mobile Wi-Fi router with one of our 4G Data SIM cards. Just pop one into your device and you’ll stay connected on the move using our 4G network.

iPad and tablets

Stream, surf, shop and socialise away from home on your iPad or any Android or Windows tablet. Portable, stylish and lightweight, they work wherever you’ve got a signal. Available in a huge range of colours, sizes and memory, they’re ideal gifts and handy extra connective devices. Choose your Mobile Broadband experience on Pay monthly or Pay as you go.

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Our clients

  • "Air Telecom have taken the complications out of telecoms for me. I have been a customer of Air Telecom for over 3 years and have always found the quality of their service to be excellent. During this time, they have exceeded expectations in terms of our requirements or resolving any issues."
  • "Having dealt directly with one of the major providers for a number of years we were at first a little apprehensive about moving to Air Telecom; these concerns proved unfounded. Following their recommendations, we were able to move to a more cost effective mobile plan. Air Telecom ensured that the move was achieved seamlessly and that we obtained the most up to date hardware. We are extremely pleased with how they manage our account and it is nice to be able to speak to a company who we feel goes out of their way to help us as much as they can and give impartial advice."
  • "Air Telecom are a pleasure to work with and have helped us to provide new technologies to its staff as well as being very informative and always keep us up-to-date with new and exciting deals. They are always pleased to talk through any queries we have and we know that our opinions and business needs matter to them."
  • "We joined Air Telecom in August 2011 following the sale of our business from a major PLC. During this time, they have performed to a very high standard, proving to be a very strong business partner. We have thrown many questions at them in our 1st year and in all cases, they have solved our issues. I have no hesitation in recommending them as a telecom business partner."
  • "Since we moved to Air Telecom in 2009, I have to say the service has been first class. Refreshing to see a company that cares and changes to my business needs throughout my contract. It’s so easy to pick up the phone and speak to one company about all your telecoms. We have seen substantial savings, really very happy with everything."
  • "We wanted a phone system which combined desk phones and mobiles and after meeting with Manni and being walked through the process from signing up to installation we chose Air Telecom and have been impressed with the service offered from start to finish. We wanted minimal disruption to our business when installation began and there was no disruption whatsoever. Everything was done as and when it was scheduled and the system was up and running with a few days. No phone calls were lost during the installation process. The installation was project managed excellently from day 1 and I would have no hesitation in recommending Air Telecom. Easy to access – if we need bolt ons adding to specific phones it just takes an email to our Account Manager – and it is actioned immediately. A lot easier to contact Air Telecom than Vodafone direct!"
  • "Air Telecom have demonstrated over a number of years the ability to deliver cost effective mobile telecoms solutions in a proactive and enthusiastic manner. Based on their recommendations we have now decided to combine our mobile and landline telecoms into a single integrated VOIP solution linking all our UK sites and mobile phones. By utilising the Vodafone One Net solution we are looking forward to having a ‘joined up’ telecoms network at a reduced cost. The Air Telecom team in conjunction with the Vodafone One Net project team have promised us a seamless delivery of this solution."
  • "Air Telecom have helped us make our mobile communications billing less complicated, our large estate now needs far less management time interrogating spend or managing users."
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