Keep on top of increasing mobile data costs.

Equipping your staff with a mobile device can be hugely valuable for your company, but with each equipped member of staff comes a costly risk.

The consumption of Mobile Data is rising fast, meaning so are your costs. Air Telecom gives you the potential to understand what’s behind the driving of your next data bill and the ability to control it too.

Data Usage

The use of online services such as YouTube and Netflix are placing ever-increasing demands on data pools. Set your own rules about services that can be accessed by employees, putting you in control of data usage.

Data Capping

When thresholds you have set for data are reached, custom notifications can be used to give you the visibility you need to keep control of data usage and ensure you always have control.


Data usage can be cut by more than 10% by using real-time data compression. This is a clever way of cutting back on data usage in a way that is not noticed by the end user.


Keep control over the cost of roaming costs for employees that are working overseas. Roaming fees can be costly, so control over policies that put you in control are an important part of managing these costs, while still giving your staff the communications tools they need.

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