Supporting Businesses In The Current Climate- How Telecom Companies Are Supporting Today’s Businesses

The pandemic is sparking new technological challenges, especially with many of today’s employees and professionals working from home. They need to stay connected with digital and voice-based technology to ensure good communication and productivity. During this unprecedented situation, telecom companies are working hard to provide the necessary products and solutions to mitigate these issues.

With that in mind, we are going to take a look at some ways telecom companies are supporting today’s businesses:

Better Support For Work From Home Activities- all businesses need to pivot their regular activities to better accommodate digital collaboration and remote work. Work from home activities need to stay connected with clients and teams. Telecom companies are anticipating the sudden surge of traffic to prevent too much strain on business systems and networks. Operators are expanding their current infrastructure and making it more reliable. Because traffic will continue to increase, any expansion of backbone capacity will pay off. Resilience is critical in the telecom industry because any interruption could disrupt critical business processes.

Easier Communication With Clients- businesses can operate smoothly and gain revenue by having reliable communication with clients and customers. The most notable tools used for communication are mobile devices, personal computers, connected smart TVs, and smart speakers. During the pandemic, there’s a noticeable increase in voice-call traffic and mobile data usages. In fact, the use of legacy landline telephone has increased as well. Despite the significant surge in smartphone usage, communication congestion can still be prevented in most cases.

Ensure Social Responsibility- major telecom companies may support local businesses by waiving late payment fees, suspending data caps, and halting the service termination for those who can’t pay bills. There is also free access to Wi-Fi and broadband connection, which can be used by business professionals or students. As a gesture of social responsibility, Virgin Media in the UK has provided 10GB of free mobile data to about 3 million of subscribers, which allows local businesses and customers to remain operational.

5G Infrastructure Expansions- the current upheavals have expedited the move of the global society towards a digital-based existence. 5G is a new high-speed wireless data connectivity that can accommodate the increased demand. Once 5G becomes available in rural areas, it will lessen connectivity divide and make the society as a whole more digitalised.

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